Nope, I have not become a math teacher, but in my pursuit of the best literacy resources for young learners (read about these here and here), I have come across a lot of fantastic math resources as well. It’s no surprise that my favorite math resources come from You Clever Monkey — my favorite literacy resources also come from YCM. You Clever Monkey belongs to Nichole Halliday, an early years teacher in South Australia. Let’s take a look at some of her best math resources.

Aussie Flora Number Posters 0-20: $3

Does classroom decor count as a resource? I think so! Aren’t these number posters beautiful?! You Clever Monkey has 6 classroom decor bundles: Aussie flora, tropical, gum leaf, cactus, boho rainbow and watercolor paint. All of the bundles have these number posters, but I like the Aussie flora theme the most. (You can buy individual products, like these number posters, separately.)

Number Cards 0-10 3-Part Cards: FREE

I think sorting activities are my favorite! I love how simple these cards are and I also love that they’re free.

One More, One Less, Ten More, Ten Less Number Cards: $3

One More, One Less, Ten More, Ten Less Number Cards

I’ve used individual whiteboards with elementary students all the way from grades 1-6 — ALL of them get excited as soon as they hear the word! I didn’t realize that the one more/ten more/one less/ten less skill was even a skill until I started helping my first grade ESL student with the math he was learning in his class. This product comes with 10 cards each for one more, one less, ten more and ten less.

Number Sorting Mats 1-10: $4

Again, I love sorting activities and I think these mats are brilliant! There are 12 cards for each number so you have lots of options depending what representations you’re teaching or on level of difficulty when setting out this math center. YCM also created this product for numbers 11-20.

Learning to Tell Time – Hour and Half Hour Time Pack: $6

Learning To Tell Time - Hour and Half Hour Time Pack

This was the first math product I bought from You Clever Monkey and I remember loving it as I scrolled through it. This 73-page file has 14 different activities, including clip cards, worksheets and yes, sorts! Like all YCM products, it is professionally done and so reasonably priced. YCM also has a quarter to/quarter past expansion pack for $3.

Let me know in the comments if you have a favorite shop for math resources for young learners.

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