Over the last year or so, I’ve discovered more fantastic teaching resources. I first wrote about my favorite literacy resources for young learners here and now I’m ready to share more. First I’ll share 4 sellers I love along with products I’ve bought and then 2 of my favorite products. Let’s get to it!

The Moffatt Girls

Annie Moffatt, an elementary teacher turned stay at home mom in California, must be one of the OGs of Teachers Pay Teachers. I’ve just purchased a product of hers for the first time (my self control isn’t great with Oreos, but it’s pretty good with spending money) and, as I knew I would be, I’m very happy with it. The directed drawings growing bundle will eventually include 8 packets with 20 directed drawings each. I love how this resource teaches/allows students to draw, provides scaffolding by giving them a word bank and includes a space to write at the bottom. (The picture below is of the first of the 8 packets.)

Directed Drawings (Growing Bundle): $38.40

I’ve just subscribed to The Moffatt Girls’ emails and have already received 2 freebies. The Moffatt Girls also has a private Facebook group with lots of advice and lots of freebies that teachers can join here.

Miss Giraffe

I don’t know much about Miss Giraffe (I’m assuming she’s a former elementary teacher), but I do know that she’s busy creating fantastic products in Arizona. I’ve bought her word families worksheets and puzzles bundle as well as her bossy R worksheets, both of which require cutting and matching; I most appreciate thoughtful products that, in addition to practicing a literacy skill, allow students to build their fine motor skills at the same time.

Miss Giraffe’s secret words worksheets are on my wish list (I often wait for Teachers Pay Teachers to throw a sale before buying the products I want). I love that there’s a whole blank row at the bottom and that students get to discover the secret word after figuring out the first three. I also like that the students color, build and write — the more different kinds of practice, the better!

Word Families Worksheets and Puzzles Bundle: $3

Secret Words Literacy Stations: $10

Short A Secret Word Literacy Centers: FREE

I’ve just subscribed to Miss Giraffe’s emails, so I haven’t received one yet and am not sure if she sends out freebies. She does have freebies in her Teachers Pay Teachers store.

My Teaching Pal

My Teaching Pal is…drumroll, please…a former elementary teacher in New South Wales, Australia. Her products are bright and full of color and come in both Australia/UK versions and US versions. What I really appreciate about My Teaching Pal is the 50% discount she offers on many of her products for the first 48 hours (obviously, I buy her products during the first 48 hours). I’ve purchased both her kindergarten and first grade home learning packets, which include both literacy and math worksheets, and her phonics and alphabet centers, which come with 10 different activities. I also have her read and match center, which provides a quick way to check students’ reading comprehension as well as some Velcro finger fun.

Phonics and Alphabet Centers: $8

Read and Match Literacy Center: $3.50

My Teaching Pal sends freebies to her email subscribers and also has a password-protected freebie library only for subscribers. She has several more freebies in her Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Top Teacher

Top Teacher is brought to you by Bridget and Shez, both of whom look to be, again, former elementary teachers, but this time in Western Australia. When I wrote this post, Top Teacher sold individual products on Teachers Pay Teachers; they no longer offer products there, but now have only yearly subscriptions. I’ll still show you my favorites.

How cute are these synonym caterpillars? And I like the contraction flowers because of how the leaves — one on the left and one on the right — show how two words come together to make one word.

Synonym Caterpillars

Contraction Flowers

Top Teacher has lots of permanent freebies that you can access by setting up a free account on their website.

Specific Products

Writing is the scariest subject to teach, especially when you’re teaching first graders, not the 7th and 8th graders you were trained to teach. I knew I needed a resource complete with plans and materials and I found it in Learning at the Primary Pond’s first grade writing bundle. This resource comes with 8 units and 713 pages and actually includes EVERYTHING you need. I learned spelling strategies from this product! When we have children, this is exactly what I’m using. Kindergarten and second grade bundles are also available.

Learning at the Primary Pond: First Grade Writing Workshop Bundle: $49.75

This last product is the first product I ever bought on Teachers Pay Teachers, so I have some nostalgic feelings for it (even though I bought it just 2 years ago…). I needed a vowel teams literacy center for my first graders and I found this 274-page PDF, which includes 8 different activities (available in color and in black and white) AND worksheets AND word lists. (I bought this product just for the cards below.)

Haley O’Connor: Vowel Teams & Diphthongs Printables, Centers & Activities: $12

Teachers and parents, do you have favorite TPT sellers or products? Let me know in the comments.

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