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The Best Literacy Resources for Young Learners

There are so many fantastic literacy resources for young learners created by teachers/former teachers. Read on for my favorites, which are either free or inexpensive.

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Word Attack Strategies

Readers always encounter words they don’t know while reading, but good readers use strategies to figure them out. Here are 4 strategies with examples for each.

American and British English

So you speak English? American English or British English? Here is a whole unit I’ve used to expose my American English-speaking students to British English.

Latin and Greek Word Roots

Why study Latin and Greek word roots? Because more than 60% of English words come from Latin and Greek and they’re a great link to Spanish and Italian, two languages I love.

My Literary History

I’ve always loved to read. In this post, I trace the beginning of my journey with books to all the way to what I’m reading now.

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