Back by popular demand a nerdy impulse to document the cost of living in Bangkok in 2021, here is the second in my “How Much it Costs to Live in Bangkok” series (read the first one here) and this time, we’re talking personal care and household cleaning products. Here’s what we buy at Big C and how much we pay.

Note: Hand soap is missing because we buy it at Watsons. Also, we buy other brands of shampoo (we get old-school Herbal Essences at Foodland), but we typically buy them wherever they’re on sale.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth shampoo, 450 ml: 159 baht ($5.12)

Ing On rice milk soap, 2 x 160 grams: 62 baht ($2)

Gillette super thin razors, pack of 6: 99 baht ($3.19)

Tros Black Series cologne, 50 ml: 41.50 baht ($1.34)

Rexona Cotton Dry deodorant, 50 ml: 88 baht ($2.84)

Colgate toothbrushes, pack of 6: 65 baht ($2.09)

Sensodyne Sensitivity and Gum toothpaste, 100 grams: 215 baht ($6.93)

Listerine Cool Mint mouthwash, 750 ml: 137 baht ($4.41)

Snake Brand Prickly Heat cooling powder, 140 grams: 32 baht ($1.03)

White Rabbit cotton pads, 50 grams: 30 baht ($0.97)

Trim fingernail clippers: 65 baht ($2.09)

Trim tweezers: 75 baht ($2.42)

Scott toilet paper, 6 rolls: 83 baht ($2.67)

Mr. Muscle glass cleaner, 520 ml: 62 baht ($2)

Vixol Pink bathroom cleaner, 450 ml: 31 baht ($1)

Duck toilet cleaner, 450 ml: 36 baht ($1.16)

3M Scotch-Brite sponges, pack of 3: 33 baht ($1.06)

Lipon F dish soap refill, 850 ml: 40 baht ($1.29)

Breeze Excel laundry detergent refill, 750 ml: 79 baht ($2.55)

Baygon bug spray, 300 ml: 69 baht ($2.22)

I’ve written this post to give readers an idea of how much it costs to live in Bangkok and to help foreigners who move here (which is not something happening right now) have an idea of what to buy at Big C. There are so many recognizable brands here in Thailand, which makes things a lot easier, but with Thai products, the text is obviously not in English. I’ve discovered that if you look closely, you will usually find a product description in English; you’ll also find English on the shelf tag.

Are there other products that you’d like to know the price of in Bangkok? Let me know in the comments.

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