One of the many good things coming out of this COVID-19 situation is the abundance of free art created especially for this time at home. For someone who is just learning how to draw, I’m very much into art and I wanted to post a roundup of what I’ve found mostly by scrolling through Instagram. Keep reading for free printables, a free wallpaper and some cute craft ideas and let me know in the comments what you’ve found. Thanks to all of the artists who’ve provided these beautiful resources to keep us going during this time.


Rifle Paper Co. has three different cards you can print, color and send to family and friends or to those who are serving our communities.

Juniper Print Shop has a free postcard you can print and mail to friends.

Coloring Pages

Clare Therese, an English artist, created 4 seasonal coloring pages.

Florals and Floss has created a spring nature treasure hunt coloring page.

Ariana Tavares, a Brazilian artist, created 5 plant-themed coloring pages.


Zoe Ingram, another English artist, created 4 coloring pages. The spring blooms page is my favorite.


An Italian artist has created a project that includes coloring pages from various artists. My favorites are the ones drawn by Kristina Kemenikova, a Slovakian artist.

The Everygirl has been releasing coloring pages for the last three weeks. Here are the pages from week 1, week 2, week 3 and week 4.

Studio McGee, a home design studio in Utah, has released 3 coloring pages using pictures of their recent projects.

The New York Times travel section has 5 coloring pages inspired by their favorite travel photos. The article provided links to more travel-inspired coloring pages, including the next two links.

Culture Trip has created traveling coloring pages of 10 different locations, including Bangkok and Edinburgh: set 1 and set 2.

The One & Only hotel group has 4 coloring books for kids, the best of which is the Cape Town book.

The Landmark Project has released 8 coloring pages of national parks including Grand Canyon National Park and Yosemite.

The Xanterra Travel Collection has 4 animal coloring pages.

Artist Sarah Walsh has released 4 animal coloring pages.


Domino Magazine posted their own roundup of coloring pages, including the next two links.

West Elm has released a 21-page coloring book of pictures drawn by various artists.

Fireclay Tile has a 15-page coloring book (I love this one!).

Southern Living has shared 9 cake coloring pages from a previously released coloring book.

You might have seen this one, but 117 libraries, museums, archives and other cultural institutions around the world have shared free coloring pages featuring images from their collections. The New York Academy of Medicine Library launched the Color Our Collections in 2016, so these pages weren’t created because of the pandemic but there’s so much to color here! I really like this one from the Art Museums of Colonial Willamsburg.

Crayola has created 4 stay at home coloring pages.

The British Red Cross has collaborated with UK artists for their “Kindness will keep us together” campaign. You can download both color and black and white prints. My favorites are the ones by Ruby Taylor and Nina Cosgrove.

Molly Egan, an illustrator in Philadelphia, has shared 11 coloring pages.

Sacree Frangine, a French artist duo, has released 7 coloring pages.


Jaclyn Florescio, the American artist behind Yellow & Lace, has created a PDF with directions for drawing various flowers.


Jenny K, the American artist behind Living Pattern, has three free plant-themed watercolor wallpapers.

Craft Ideas

I’ve recently started following Courtney Adamo, an American in Australia, on Instagram. She’s a mom of five who has recently posted two of her children’s crafts complete with video tutorials.

Misha & Puff, a children’s clothes store, has several printables, including coloring pages, a memory game and paper dolls, but this abstract mobile pattern from Paper & Stitch is my favorite.

What free resources or fun crafts have you found? Let me know in the comments.

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