When I travel, I always buy postcards. Not the ones from the 80s, but illustrated postcards made in this century. When I first arrived in Thailand in 2011, beautiful postcards didn’t exist here, but now, while they’re not everywhere, they’re available and easy to find if you know where to look. Here’s what I’ve found in the last couple of years.

1 Caliiico

These are the first cute Thailand postcards I ever found, so I was excited to see them. You’ll find big tourist spots and well as more locally known places, like Victory Monument and Democracy Monument.

Where I found them: Room Concept Store, Emquartier, Bangkok

Price: 35 baht

2 Playworks

This Chiang Mai-based art brand has the biggest range of Thailand postcards I’ve found. They especially love maps, just like I do.

Where I found them: Artbox, a pop-up market in Bangkok

Where you can find them: Think Park in Chiang Mai; Central World in Bangkok

Price: 25 baht

3 Unknown artist

I love drawings of old buildings, and Phuket has several notable buildings, like the Phromthep Clock Tower and the former Standard Chartered Bank.

Where I found them: The Postcard Rommanee in Phuket

Price: 25 baht

4 Pongchai Rattanapeerapat

When we visited Khlong Ong Ang walking street in early 2021, I noticed this artist drawing along the canal. He had both large drawings and postcards of famous places in Thailand and scenes of everyday life in more local places.

Where I found them: Khlong Ong Ang walking street, a market along a canal; open Fri-Sun from 3-8 PM

Price: 40 baht

5 Pearada Style

Pearada Style has a wide range of cards and small prints.

Where I found them: Kinokuniya at Siam Paragon

Price: 65 baht (technically these are postcards with envelopes)

6 Unknown artist

Every city needs its own postcards and I’ve found Chiang Mai’s. I don’t know who the artist is — the only information on the back is an email address — but if I find out, I’ll update this post.

Where I found them: Book Zone in Chiang Mai

Price: 25 baht

7 Waylaway

Watercolors are my favorite and when I found watercolor postcards of Chiang Mai, I immediately messaged the young artist who painted them. When she came to sell her postcards in Bangkok, she messaged me and I came running!

Where I found them: Time’s Books & Etc., a used bookstore in Chiang Mai

Price: 35 baht

8 Handigraph

When I talked to my friend about where to buy Thai souvenirs, she mentioned Museum Siam’s gift shop, so I proceeded to look through every.single.product and these beautiful stamped postcards of well-known buildings throughout Thailand caught my eye. When we visited Museum Siam a few weeks later, I was prepared.

Where I found them: Museum Siam in Bangkok

Price: 70 baht

9 Louis Sketcher

I found Louis Sketcher one day while scrolling through Instagram. He has just come out with a book of watercolor drawings of Bangkok shophouses, and when I got mine in the mail, it came with 2 postcards. I’m currently trying to figure out where they are sold; when I do, I’ll update this post.

Even though I now have 9438493 postcards, I’m always looking for more, so if you know of any more Thai souvenir postcards, let me know in the comments.

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